Synergy3 Writing Labs create a social, supportive and structured environment for busy academics and employees to achieve their goals on large scale writing projects with long deadlines. The S3 (Structured-Social-Supportive) writing workshops promote research culture as a social activity with daily structured tasks to keep academics productive in an increasingly demanding work environment.

The workshops provide a practical framework with applied design-thinking and visual techniques to improve outcomes. We use a ‘buddy system’ to build camaraderie and create accountability that lasts beyond the workshop to build a cross-disciplinary research community and long-lasting collegial connection

S3 writing labs began in 2015 and have had significant impacts on publication rates and grant submissions across Swinburne.

Whether it’s supporting staff to publish in top-ranking journals or succeeding with competitive grants and fellowships we have the right writing lab to increase productivity in your school, department or section. 

We offer a range of labs so if these don’t suit you, contact us with your needs!

Step 1: Choose a focus


Are you looking to apply for ARC, NHMRC, Federal and State Government, Foundations, Philanthropies, Endowments Trusts, Arts Councils etc. Then Get That Grant is the workshop for you!

If you need to target competitive funding, we offer the Get That Grant! Workshop. We cover key elements of grants to create a seamless narrative between you as the best applicant/s, a workable budget, project quality and innovation that sets you apart from the rest and a feasibility that assures the grant body that 

We can also provide advice on what grants to target. We have experience in Australian Research Council Discovery, Linkage and Special Research initiatives as well as Future Fellowships and Early Career Researcher Awards, National Health and Medical Research Councils Investigator Grants. We can also help you with Federal and State Government grant programs, philanthropies and endowments, Arts Councils and Teaching Awards.

Grant workshops typically have 5 sessions tailored to the key elements of grant applications. We run these  on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on funding body deadlines. Depending on deadlines, staff availability and seniority we can also run intensives.

If you have academics who need a tailored workshop for the research fellowships, then the No Fear Fellowship workshop is for you. It focuses on aligning personal track record with project to target success.


Whether its reporting on findings, goals, targets or achievements the Right Report Writing LAB will help groups and individuals get it done on time.

Bespoke session packages to write reports and other types of publications are also available for corporate organisations, the public sector, Not-for-Profits, Arts organisations, etc. 


If you need to write for publication, Publish Your Paper and Write Those Words LABs for Academics have 10 sessions and are run on a weekly basis to coincide with the rhythm of an academic semester. 

Publish Your Paper turns an existing draft paper, conference paper or PhD Thesis chapter into a publishable journal article.

If your team needs regular support and targeted exercises to produce a working article draft then Write Those Words offers a practical way to achieve an initial draft to be further refined in Publish Your Paper

Step 2: Choose a frequency

  • Weekly/fortnightly – in line with semester or in the lead up to a long-range deadline
  • Dailies – for semester breaks
  • Retreats – 1-2 day of full writing immersion 

Step 3: Choose a delivery mode

  • Online 
  • Face to face
  • Hybrid

NOTE –  In our experience, having some people in the room and some online does not foster effective communication and collaboration. Synergy3’s Hybrid mode means a combination of face-to-face and online sessions with ALL participants either online or meeting face to face eg. 1 face to face session to kick off and meet facilitator and other participants, 3 online sessions + 1 face to face session to check in + 3 online sessions + 1 face to face session to wrap up and celebrate.