Writing Labs

Write Those Words:   OR   Publish Your Paper: 
  • $10,000 (up to 8 participants)
    (10 x 2 hour sessions)
Get That Grant: 
  • Half day intensive Workshop – $5,000
  • Full day intensive Workshop – $8,000
    5×2 hour Worskhops – $15,000
    (up to 8 participants in workshops)
  • Individual coaching & grant review – $600 – $1,500

Codesign Studios

Creating With Community:

(includes activity worksheets and workshop materials)

  • Half day: $900
  • Full day: $1,500
  • Two days: $2,500

Career Toolbox

Carve Your Career:
  • One-on-one, 3 x 1 hour sessions – $600
  • Groups (up to 5 participants, 3 x 1 hour sessions)- $900 


Training Development- Timely Online Training:

Synergy3 has the expertise to help you develop online training materials, from staff training and compliance modules to adaptation of existing teaching materials and coursework into an effective and engaging online learning experience

The development of online training materials will be quoted per project on anticipated time to complete, based on an hourly rate of $150/hour

Planning Day Facilitation – Planning with People:

Any combination of services as required – we can customise your participant experience with you

  • Half day: $750
  • Full day: $1,000
  • Two days: $1,500

We outsource if catering is required, so final catered price will depend on number of participants and quality of consumables


If your numbers are different than listed above, please contact us and we can find a solution to suit your business!