Professor Flavia Marcello has had a varied career in academia, curriculum consultancy, professional development. She is an multi-faceted writer and an expert in modern Italian history. She is an experienced mentor and has established, designed and managed Career Development and Professional Development programs both at Swinburne University and the Australian Institute of Architects.

Professor Jeni Paay       is a leading international researcher in Human Centred Computing. She has a transdisciplinary background spanning architecture, computer science, and Human-Computer Interaction publishing in Interaction Design. She has expertise in Interaction Design for Web, Mobiles, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality; Design for Digital Workspaces Smart Spaces and User Experience Design.

Professor Simone Taffe is an award-winning communication design academic with 15 years of industry experience. Simone holds a 2017 Australian Award for Teaching Excellence, is currently the School Research Director and a program leader in the Swinburne Smart Cities Research Institute. Simone’s research focuses on participatory design.