Get That Grant!

If you need to target competitive funding, we offer the Get That Grant! Workshop. It focusses on the key elements of ARC or NHMRC grants to create a seamless narrative between ROPE, budget, project quality and feasibility.

Grant workshops have 5 sessions and are run on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on ARC/NHMRC or other funding body deadlines for grants and fellowships. Depending on staff availability and seniority they can also be run as intensives during semester breaks. We can run the workshops face to face in a meeting room, on your campus/offices or online.

  • Grants: ARC, NHMRC, Federal Government, Arts Councils etc.
  • Reports
  • Non-traditional Research Outputs (NTROs)

What about Non-traditional research outputs? We can help researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Built Environment and Design to frame your creative and design work so that it can be counted towards research by helping you frame research goals from the beginning. We can also provide advice on how to ‘retro-fit’ your existing original creative works, live performances, recorded or rendered works, curated or exhibited events, research reports for an external body and portfolios to fit with ERA requirements and gain those precious research points.